Coffeehouse Pipes and Beans is a fresh and creative space with a living room setting. Atmospheric and inspiring for your brainstorm sessions, workshops, informal meetings.
Our space is available with or without staff, and with or without food and beverages. We serve organic, fair, own roasted Colombian Coffee, homemade pie, fresh organic drinks, and lunch.
The ambiance is also perfect for dinners, receptions, private (kid) party's, 'living room concerts' and small performances.
You can play games on our Nintendo, and play vinyl on our old record player 🙂
During opening hours groups can reserve a table for Coffee tasting, High tea, and Lunch. After 6 pm our living is available for private activities and events.


Hello, we are Maikel van Rooij and Iteke van Hille, we have been a couple for 6 years now and live with great pleasure (diagonally opposite the store) in Amsterdam South. We both love good coffee and tea.

Iteke has a heart for sustainability and has previously worked for an organization that focuses on making international trade chains more sustainable. She is currently doing her PhD at VU University Amsterdam and is researching cooperation for sustainable development, including in the coffee and tea sector.

Maikel is a true entrepreneur. From 2012 until the beginning of this year(2017), he has successfully run a hostel in Amsterdam. He also has ample (10 years) experience in the hospitality industry.

We now want to join forces. Maikel becomes the face of the space. Behind the scenes, Iteke will use her knowledge of sustainable products to support him with purchasing.

His personal attention to people is characteristic of Maikel's way of working. He is spontaneous, enthusiastic and makes contact easily: he is always up for a chat and a joke. That made him a highly valued host in his hostel, where he created a nice and relaxed atmosphere. He will definitely do this again in Pipes & Beans!

What do we do?
Pipes & Beans will be a trendy and contemporary coffee shop with a beautiful display of quality products. A second living room where you can meet and enjoy a cup of self-roasted coffee and a piece of homemade cake.

We have a passion for honest coffee, with coffee beans that are produced in an ecological and sustainable way. Honest for the coffee farmers and good for nature.

In addition to good coffee, we also serve (organic) tea, freshly squeezed juices and fair trade soft drinks. For coffee we have freshly baked cakes and muffins that are prepared daily in the house. We serve breakfast and lunch with fresh products.

In the locale we will start selling coffee-related items: coffee beans, slow coffee makers and crockery. So that everyone at home can also enjoy quality coffee.